11007801_814373751943653_1662215163_nMontreal, Quebec, Canada

Hotel: Loews Hotel Vogue. One of the best hotel experiences of my life. We arrived with a shambling mound of luggage, loose items and lopsided bags filled with all of the nicknacksĀ a two-year-old insists on bringing with them. The staff patiently helped us load everything onto a cart and we were welcomed with genuine warmth at the front desk. The two-room suite we booked (they had an incredible promotion) was about the size of my entire downstairs at home, and came with a kitchen, dining table, living room and two full bathrooms – one with a huge jacuzzi tub and the other with a shower.


Getting There: 4.5 hour drive

subwayBummers: The public transit system, while impeccably clean, inexpensive and easy to navigate, is decidedly NOT accessible for strollers or the physically disabled. There are only a few stations in the entire system that have elevators. I learned that the hard way on our first adventure and did a lot of dragging stroller up and down stairs while my husband hauled Tiger.

Tips: One thing I’ve also learned from two spring visits to Montreal – however warm you think it might be during your trip, it’s about 20 degrees colder up there. It just is. Winter lasts longer. Bring the hats and gloves.




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