Highlights: This is a stunningly beautiful park with a lovely playground, a pond, well-manicured lawns, a wooded trail and a small barn with live animals. It’s a local favorite for family photoshoots and parties – you’ll probably see at least one while you’re there.

Bummers: If you’re on the playground and someone suddenly needs the bathroom, the barn is a long walk, especially for little legs. The unpaved road is not stroller-friendly, and the park is very big, so if you want to see everything you’d better have an all-terrain stroller or a strong back for carrying. I learned this the hard way, and my physical therapist now has a new boat.

What’s Nearby: Downtown Danvers, and route 114 are both close to the park. I usually pair this trip with a Trader Joe’s run.

Enclosed: Playground area is fenced and gated on the road side, with escape-friendly wooden fencing along the back.

Restrooms: Real bathrooms are located in the main barn.

Seating: Several benches within the playground fence, picnic tables scattered throughout several of the large fields and wooded areas.

Shade: Yes.

Parklng: Along the side of the unpaved road within the park.

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