funwaytewksbury2“Funway Park” at Livingston Street Rec Area – Tewksbury, MA

Highlights: This playground has it all for both parents and kids. For parents – SEATING! No matter where they run in this park there’s somewhere to sit down. The fact it is fully-fenced brings peace of mind, and there’s even a paved track that runs along the edge of the entire space for those with strollers. For kids-  large and small structures with bridges, slides, ramps, steering wheels, stairs and ladders; bells to ring and cogs to spin; a giant spider web for climbing; a large sandbox shaded by a giant umbrella; several sets of swings; a toddler-friendly seesaw; spring-based vehicles.

Bummers: I can’t believe I’m saying this… none? At worst, it’s a little far from anything else to do.

What’s nearby: Not much but farm land (with a cute farm stand at the end of the street) and some residential streets. Police cruise by frequently, and the area feels safe.

Enclosed: Yes! Press-down locking gate.

Restrooms: Porta-potty

Seating: Benches line the outer edge of the park, and a cluster of stone picnic tables sit under a covered gazebo.

Shade: Part of the playground remains shaded most of the day. 

Parking: Paved lot

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