Highlights: There are almost always a few kids at this playground because of it’s residential location, so my daughter likes it a lot. There are structures suitable for new walkers all the way up to pre-teens, and the track is a great place to jog with a stroller or let the kids practice riding their bikes or roller skating (is that still a thing? I’m old.)

Bummers: There is no short route to the playground – whichever street you park on, you have to walk at least the width of the¬†soccer field. There’s a gravely dirt pathway to the playground along the Balmoral Street side of the park, so if you bring a stroller you’ll probably be happier with an all-terrain one. Parents have pretty much no place to sit, except on a swing if there’s one free.

What’s Nearby: Penguin Park is right around the corner, and Andover Main Street is just a couple of miles away.

Enclosed: The perimeter of the larger park is mostly fenced, though there are gaps and there is no usable gate on the wide entrance on the Balmoral Street side.

Restrooms: There is one porta-potty by the Balmoral Street entrance.

Seating: One lonely picnic table sits off to the left of the playground equipment, far enough from it to make it hard to adequately supervise your kids. This park could use a few benches! I often see parents sitting on the low curb along the track. You could bring a camping chair but you’d have to lug it across the freakin field.

Shade: Yes, along the back edges of the playground during the day, and over most of the playground in the afternoon.

Parking: Street.

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