londonderryplayground4Funway Park – Nelson Road, Londonderry NH

Highlights: This is a cute farm-themed playground with two separate structures that incorporate barn designs and faux hay bales as steps. There is a roller slide, seesaw, ride-on bouncers, body weight propelled saddle spinners, slides, a rope web for climbing, swings (four regular, two infant), a tunnel and cow bell.

Bummers: It’s hard to figure out how to access the playground – you need to follow the paved path at the back of the parking lot to the right of the tennis courts, and follow it around behind them. It’s not a super-short walk when you’re with a preschooler, or hauling picnic supplies. Beware of poison ivy at the edges of the path and poking out from the wooden part of the fence by the entrance.

What’s Nearby: The beautiful Londonderry Leach Library is around the corner, and Mack’s Apples pick-your-own fields, farm store and ice cream stand are a short drive up the street.

Enclosed: Fenced on three sides.

Restrooms: One porta-potty by the parking lot.

Seating: Four wooden benches, and two metal picnic tables under a small tent/pavilion. It’s a pretty good ratio given the size of the playground.

Shade: Small areas of the playground are shaded depending on time of day, but even the picnic tables under the pavilion get sun.

Parking: Large paved parking lot. Be advised that on weekdays during the school year it can be difficult to find a spot. This is where the high-school kids who drive are allowed to park. If you’re here after school hours, walk and drive extra cautiously. After one visit we were almost smashed into by a boy having a testosterone surge behind the wheel of his mom’s Audi.

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