This is what "excited about science" looks like!
This is what “excited about science” looks like…

Maker Mill –  4 High Street #128, North Andover MA

Cost: $15 per child 5 or older with adult (drop in) * $45/month membership for 1 child/1 adult, * $65/month membership for 2 children/1 adult * Wednesday morning drop-in program for ages 2-6 costs $10 per child with adult ($5 if you’re a member of The Mother Connection.)

Highlights: There’s no visual wow-factor when you first walk in, but as you begin to peruse the carefully organized and labeled shelves and tables packed with activities, it becomes apparent that this space holds the ingredients for literally years of fun and exploration. We came for a Mini-Makers drop-in session using our Mother Connection discount and my 2.5 year old had a BLAST. She loved measuring colored grains of rice in beakers, pouring it through funnels and examining it under a magnifying glass. We listened to a story and did a related craft, tried using different tools to shape play-dough, and watched as some older kids moved robots around the room. Her favorite was sending parachutes made from styrofoam cups, pipe cleaners and Market Basket bags up a wind tunnel. She kicked and screamed when it was time to leave, after two hours! The owners are wonderful and gave us space to explore, while also offering us a few cool suggestions here and there of things to check out.

Bummers: None so far – I love this place.

Parking: Street (free)

What’s Nearby: Good Day Cafe and Stachey’s Pizza are across the street. North Andover’s Main Street is within walking distance for coffee, food, shopping, etc. The Stevens Memorial Library is also walking distance.






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