Simonds Park – Corner of Bedford Street & Cambridge Street, Burlington, MA

Highlights: This park is huge and has a lot to offer.

Bummers: Def

What’s Nearby: Wayside Commons, Burlington Mall, Burlington Town Common, Burlington Public Library. Cambridge street near the park has a Dunkin Donuts, Papa Gino’s, and ice cream shop and an independent coffee shop.

Enclosed: Yes! Fully fenced with a gate!

Restrooms: Real bathrooms Spring through Fall, though be prepared with tissues because the toilet paper was all out when we went.

Seating: Only four benches inside the large playground area, though there is a cement ledge that can be used as a seat if you have a small behind. Picnic tables are also scattered in the shade outside of the playground area.

Shade: The playground is in full sun, but there is plenty of shade under the trees and over the picnic tables right next to it.

Parking: Paved lot.

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