Highlights: This park is set at the edge of Martin’s Pond, so there’s a pretty nice view, in addition to a decent variety of activities within and beyond the playground. My daughter loved the merry-go-round and rolling slide. The sand volleyball court also doubles the world’s biggest sandbox.

Bummers: Whoever decided it was a good idea to have a free-standing, million-foot slide must work at an ER that isn’t busy enough. I had to keep yelling at my kid to get away from it. I know she’s little, but I can’t even see being happy about a fifth grader using it. Also, where’s the bathroom.

What’s nearby: Just a few minutes from Route 28 and it’s many businesses.

Enclosed: Yes. The playground is fully fenced.

Restrooms: None

Seating: Tons of picnic tables, and a pair of benches facing the pond in front of the baby swings, but nothing inside the playground fence.

Shade: Only under the pavilion which houses one picnic table.

Parking: There is a paved lot next to the basketball court.

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