Wait, who just ran 4 miles?
Wait, who just ran 4 miles?

Whenever I can’t get a sitter and I’m desperate for a workout to boost my energy level and refresh my patience for toddler antics, I throw my massive CraigsList jogging stroller in the trunk and pray I can get a car ride plus 30 minutes of exercise in before *someone* is screaming and hurling Goldfish at me. There are some great rail trails in the area, but I generally avoid taking us anywhere out of plain sight for safety’s sake, even in broad daylight. (I thoroughly believe in my ability to destroy anyone who tries to mess with me, I just think she’s a little too young to watch me rip a villain’s heart out with my bare hands.)

Here’s where I go:

Balmoral Park – 400m paved track

Ipswich River Park – 800m paved path around fields, plus additional paved pathways.

Griffin Park – 0.7 mile paved path around entire complex.

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