Newburyport Playground

Highlights: This playground is smack in the middle of downtown Newburyport with its concentration of shops and restaurants. It is our essential bargaining chip when we want to go to a restaurant or browse the antique stores: “If you’re good for five minutes we can go to the playground!”

Bummers: It’s not fenced, and it can get pretty crowded on a nice day.

What’s Nearby: Newburyport promenade, Waterfront Park, and tons of shopping and eating choices. There’s also an Orange Leaf and a cupcake shop a few feet away.

Enclosed: No

Restrooms: No

Seating: Two benches

Shade: Yes

Parking: The closest is the municipal paid parking lot adjacent to the playground.

Newburyportplayground2Inn Street between Pleasant St. and Merrimac St.

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