Title Boxing Gym
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Title Boxing Club (multiple locations) – 137 Turnpike Street, North Andover MA

Wow. I attended a sample class at Title Boxing Gym in North Andover with The Mother Connection and I rolled up all cocky thinking “I’m a real athlete. I got this.” For the next hour this class proceeded to destroy me. My paleo-dieting CrossFit athlete girlfriend came with me and expressed the same feeling after class as we staggered over to unwrap our hands.

“I have NEVER done 20 minutes of straight abs before. That was insane,” she said.

Title is a big room with punching bags hanging from the ceiling and mats on the floor. You have to buy hand wraps to wear under your boxing gloves ($10 at the desk or grab them at a sporting goods store) and those of us who were new had the instructor wrap our hands for us. Before class started the instructor showed us examples of the different punches he’d be calling out for us to do in various combinations throughout the class. We started with a pretty intense warm up of jumping jacks and other familiar heart rate boosting moves, and then jumped right into swinging. Towards the end of the session we partnered up and held the bag for each other, but for the most part it was individual. We ended with an intense stretch of ab work down on the mat, then some light stretching. The workout as a whole was relentless with very few and very short breaks. Our instructor was funny, helpful and encouraging. There was a lot of pressure to push ourselves hard, but never was it negative or unpleasant.

At the end of class I felt accomplished, essentially for having survived it. It was Friday, and I’m a mom, and yet I still did that?! Go, me. Title offers monthly packages but aside from a sample class to start, they do not offer drop-in classes. If they eventually do, I’d definitely go back on occasion to mix things up.

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