Wonderland Park – Ministerial Road, Windham NH

Highlights: This playground is huge and will keep kids busy for a while. It has a maze-like feel but it’s open enough that you can spot your child pretty easily. There is something for every age, plenty of slides, swings that are low enough for preschoolers to enjoy, and some super cute painted elements that keep all the wood from looking too drab.

Bummers: The shade is nice when it’s hot, but trees mean check the kids for ticks! The ground is sand and not mulch, so it will end up in their shoes.

What’s nearby: MaryAnn’s Diner Windham is right up the street – a cheap kid-friendly option.  Next door to that is the Black Moose Country Store, a gift shop. Canobie Lake Park (an amusement park) is a 15 minute drive. FYI the Windham Town Beach is close too but it is for residents only.

Enclosed: Fenced but no gate at the entrance. Gate opening at the back of the park.

Restrooms: Porta-potty

Seating: A few benches, picnic tables, and a big bench swing.

Shade: Plenty

Parking: Dirt lot

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