GreenAppleCafe (1)

Green Apple Cafe – 57 Water Street, North Andover MA

This is a cute and very casual sit-down breakfast, lunch and Sunday brunch spot. We stopped in for lunch on a weekday this spring and found the small space filled¬†with parents dining with their kids and babies, plus a couple of local business people having lunch at one of the tiny tables on the front porch. It isn’t obvious from the front, but it is stroller-accessible by a ramp around the back.

Breakfast is your standard variety of eggs, pancakes and french toast, and lunch is mainly sandwiches and salads. My daughter had a pancake off the kids menu that she loved (it was doused in whipped cream!) and I got a grilled chicken sandwich on brioche that came with delicious kettle-style potato chips. Our total with drinks came to under $20. Service was pleasant and quick.

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