Robert M. Ackerman Playground – 95 Cahoon Road, Boxford MA

Highlights: This is a good playground for mixed ages – there are baby swings, toddler-sized equipment, and a castle and high slide for older kids to conquer. The variety of equipment and creative design kept my buddy busy until I dragged her out. Inside the fence there is some parent seating, and there are benches up on parts of the structure if you want more of a bird’s eye view.

Bummers: The whole thing is fenced except at the entrance, which has no gate. It is also a total maze with tons of crawl spaces and hiding spots so good luck finding your kid once you set them loose in here! Not a playground I’d stop at with a hard time limit I wanted to stick to. The parking lot is not paved, and the bathroom is a porta-potty.

What’s Nearby: The Grove Street Playground in Topsfield is less than 3 miles away, if you want to do a playground double-feature. Just beyond that is Topsfield’s Main Street where you’ll find a cafe, pizza place and bakery. Topsfield Fairgrounds are also right around the corner.

Enclosed: Play area is fully fenced but there is no gate at the front entrance

Restrooms: Porta-potty

Seating: Picnic tables outside the play area, tables with seats and a few benches inside the play area

Shade: Some, depending on time of day.

Parking: Dirt lot.

ackermanplaygroundmusicThere’s music fun, but  B.Y.O.S. (bring your own stick)

ackermanplay2ackermanplaygroundclimbackermanplaygroundtunnel ackermanplaygroundmaze

Let’s just take a moment to zoom in on the 80’s carnival airbrush t-shirt art going on up there…




There is seating inside the fence, but there’s a weird NO EATING sign so…Be sure to have your snacks on one of these very oddly shaped picnic tables:

ackerman3ackermanplaygroundview ackermanplaygroundview2ackermanplaygroundview4


If your kid loves a good sandbox, this is a must-see. It’s huge and enclosed in its own pretend barn, with plenty of sand toys lying around. My daughter even managed to find a bucket with water in it to dump on herself!

ackermansandbox3ackermansandbox ackermanswings ackermanswings2

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