Besito Burlington – the best restaurant I’ve ever been to IN A MALL.

Besito – Burlington Mall, 75 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington MA

Food: “Upscale” Mexican. Don’t come here expecting your typical menu of burritos and chimichangas – the offerings here are in the same realm, just more creative and complex versions. The fresh guacamole made table side is a must, and we can never resist the sweet plantains.

Prices: Entrees average around $20

Bar: Besito has a full bar, specializing in high-quality tequila-based and/or fruit-infused cocktails. When you order a margarita here you get fresh lime juice, not a glass of cheap sour mix.

Ambiance: While this is not a super-fancy restaurant, the dim lighting and artistic decorations under exposed wood beams give it a romantic feel. It’s technically in the Burlington Mall, which makes it feel weird to be reccommending for a date night, but it is great

Service: Quick and friendly. It’s never bad, but it’s not always entirely attentive.  Each meal ends with a bag of complementary cinnamon-sugar churros to take home, and a worry doll to place under your pillow.

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