DrummondplayDrummond Playground – 33 Johnson Street, North Andover

Highlights: Drummond is centrally located, being just a couple of blocks from the town common, so there are almost always other kids there to play with. It’s also right next to the fire station, so the kids are front and center to watch anytime the trucks go out.

Bummers: We frequently come home with splinters from the wood equipment. I started keeping tweezers in my purse because of Drummond. There are also several missing swings, (the ones that are still hanging are infant swings) and the metal slides on the smaller structure can get very hot in the sun.

What’s Nearby: Cow’s Rock ice cream is a block away, as is the beautiful town common.

Enclosed: Fenced on three sides with a gate entrance along Milk Street.

Restrooms: One-seater bathrooms are at the youth center along the outside wall facing the basketball court.

Seating: Two picnic tables, four wooden benches, and a stone bench on the unfenced side.

Shade: Some, usually along the unfenced side of the park and on either side of the gate.

Parking: About a dozen paved parking spaces along Milk street.

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