moseleywoods12Moseley Woods – 28 Spofford St., Newburyport (tip: entrance is directly off of the rotary)

Highlights: The giant dinosaur “fossil” was the motivation for our visit to this park. Kids can walk under it and climb on it. In addition to a swingset and a playground structure with slides there is also a zip-line and a nice wide walking trail.

Bummers: You’re in the woods, so beware of poison ivy. There’s no fence along the riverbank, so keep a close eye on your little ones to avoid a big tumble when wandering on that side of the park.

What’s Nearby: Downtown Newburyport with shopping, food, green space and waterfront promenade is just a couple of miles down the road.

Enclosed: No.

Restrooms: Real toilets are open spring through fall.

Seating: Picnic tables and benches are scattered through the park, with a concentration of tables on a covered deck overlooking the river.

Shade: Yes

Parking: Small paved lot.

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