SwaseyField10Highlights: This is a big, pretty park with a large well-kept playground and a cute splash pad separated by a rock wall. The sloping field makes for an enticing picnic spot.

Bummers: There was a gang and drug related shooting here in May 2016 during a little league game. We had not heard about this when we visited in June and felt safe while there, and there were at least 5 other friendly parents at the splash pad with their kids. Less affluent areas are not by default more dangerous, but the violence does give me pause about going back.

What’s Nearby: Not much. The Chicken Connection, which my husband loves, is up the street.

Enclosed: No

Restrooms: Two real bathrooms are open during the spring and summer.

Seating: The rock wall bordering half of the splash pad area

Shade: Some shade up along the hill behind the playground, but the playground, splash pad, and most of the park bakes out in the sun.

Parking: About a dozen parking spaces in a tiny paved lot near the street.

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