WingaersheekBeach13Wingaersheek Beach –  Atlantic Street, Gloucester MA

Season: Memorial Day through Labor Day. Gates open at 8am and close at 9pm.

Parking Fee: Summer season weekdays $25 per vehicle, weekends/holidays $30 per vehicle. Fee is reduced by $10 after 3 p.m.

Bathrooms: Yes! During the season there are real bathrooms open from 9am-6pm.

Lifeguards: 9am-5pm

Other facilities: Showers open 9am-6pm. A concessions stand which sells hot food, snacks, sunscreen and beach gear is located by the parking lot and bathroom. There is usually also an italian ice vendor on the beach itself.

Off-season: We visited on a warm day in mid-May and paid nothing to park. The bathrooms were not open, but two porta-potties are here year-round.

What’s nearby: There is only one store located between the highway exit and the beach, a small variety store.

What else: This is my favorite beach in the area, and hands-down the one I feel most relaxed taking my small child to. It is also her favorite beach, as the water is crystal clear and shallow for a long way out. The seashell hunting is never a disappointment either – you’ll find everything from huge clam and crab shells to tiny fish teeth.  The larger lagoons around the rocks at low tide make for perfect kiddie pools.

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